NYC: Chinatown

We’re off into the year of the rooster so, what better opportunity than Chinese New Year to post a couple of pictures of Chinatown?

It’s already been two years since we roamed the small streets off of Canal Street, before we had the best food at Joe’s Shanghai. We sat at one of the round tables in the back, overlooking the amazing food being brought out of the kitchen. Having difficulties to pick off the menu, we simply pointed to the plates of the Chinese family on our right because they seemed to have a good time. While we waited for our order, we sung happy birthday for the American student on our left. He also seemed to have a good time. I considered faking my birthday for a moment, since my sign is a pig and they are known to play pranks, but then I figured to respect the year of the sheep, who tend to be more polite, so I didn’t. If you like to see your sign and some characteristics, The Telegraph made this fun little tool.

And now, what we saw.


Buying fish

Chopping meat