Hello again, it’s been too long

Allow me to speak my heart for a moment.

Looking back

It’s been quite a while since I last blogged, after I pulled the plug from it quite drastically about 5 years ago. I really enjoyed sharing content that inspired me, with you. But my life took a turn, one that didn’t involve continueing my blog. Instead it got me into a more fragmented way of sharing what inspired me through various social media channels. Last december my life took another turn, one into motherhood, and that got me reconsidering the use and role of social media in our lives.

Where can I express myself, I wondered, where my expression isn’t being influenced by redesigns or clouded by social expectations in the digital sphere? What I’m trying to say here, someone dear to me has put into words much better than I can. Ktinka encourages to #gobacktoblogging. In her post she vouches for blogging over social media, if you’re looking for a more enduring and creative channel to express yourself and above all, doing so on a channel that belongs to you. Her encouragement was my final push to get back to it.

Looking forward

Finding a purpose for my blog was easy: it has to stay about something that inspires me. I figured, now is the time to pursue my long living curiosity about photography. I use R’s analog camera, find out why here. When I take his camera for a walk, I try to capture the atmospheres that catch me. And for now, that’s it. When the film is full, it goes in a box. But I’m too excited about it, to let it just sit there and catch dust. From now on, I’ll be sharing some of my analog photos with you.

So hello again, it’s been too long. I’m happy to see you’re here. I’m happy to finally be pursuing a great interest of mine that is slumbering in me since I was a little kid. I’m happy to be back in this place, blogging. I hope you’ll enjoy what I’ll be sharing with you and I’d love to hear from you in the comments or my inbox.

Love, Noortje