Crete: Details

Early June we went to Crete. At first we didn’t look for a specific location, because, more importantly, we were looking for things like a) a nice climate for that time of year, b) a remote, but not isolated place that is c) family friendly. And so we went on a holiday in the south of the Greek island.

Arriving just outside of Paleochora, I was stunned by the beauty of our surroundings. Located at a peninsula, I could see the ocean from every corner of our terrace. On the other side of the old house were the mountains, where you could see the goats climbing and grazing. And then there were plants. A lot of plants. Both wild and domesticated. Everything was green, there were flowers everywhere and fruits shining bright between the leaves.

Here I was with my new family in this gorgeous place enjoying everything about it. I especially loved the mornings: when we enjoyed breakfast with fresh eggs that the neighbours brought us, the locals went to buy fresh fish and the light was magical. Luckily, the fridge was filled with film, so these details could be eternalized in pictures.

Figs growing

Wild cactus

Lemons on the fence

Backyard sink

Cat in the morning sun

Goats by the ocean