NYC: Gardens

I remember New York mostly as brick, steel, concrete and chrome. Maybe that’s why the greens spots stood out to me that much. With spring in the Berlin air today, I got inspired to select some of my favourite NYC city greens.  

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Lemon tree

Crete: More plants and stones and animals

As I pointed out in my previous post about Crete: “I was stunned by the beauty of our surroundings. (…) Everything was green, there were flowers everywhere and fruits shining bright between the leaves.” Here’s more on that.

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Wild cactus

Crete: Details

Early June we went to Crete. At first we didn’t look for a specific location, because, more importantly, we were looking for things like a) a nice climate for that time of year, b) a remote, but not isolated place that is c) family friendly. And so we went on a holiday in the south of the Greek island. Arriving just […]

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