Gobacktoblogging 2016

Finding my way

Eight posts in, my blog is still a discovery road. It’s been a while since my last post, but in the meantime things are still moving forward. New films are developed, scanned as we speak, and I became a member of a blogging community.

In the first post of my blog, I wrote about how I got back into blogging. Ktinka’s #gobacktoblogging contributed to that decision and as it turns out: I’m not the only one for whom her encouraging words came at the right time. It inspired her to take things further, so she created a facebook group where those blogging, getting-back-to-blogging and plan-to-go-blogging can exchange ideas and motivate each other. It’s a closed group, but we take on new members, so please join us if you feel this is where you belong.

7 days

Together with this group of really inspiring members, I made a pact to blog every day for one week. Not because we must blog by all means, but to help us (re)discover our own blogging routine that is so fulfilling.

I’ll use my 7 days to show one picture every day. So far, I’ve carefully built sets, putting pictures together to show different angles of a certain place or feeling I experienced. I love doing it, even though it’s hard to get it so it feels right. Often photos I selected have to go after all because they stand out, diverting from the focus in one way or another.

This week I’ll be sharing these oddities with you. And like all oddities, they are beauties on its own.

Love, Noortje