Gobacktoblogging 2016

Finding my way Eight posts in, my blog is still a discovery road. It’s been a while since my last post, but in the meantime things are still moving forward. New films are developed, scanned as we speak, and I became a member of a blogging community. In the first post of my blog, I wrote about how I got […]

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Lemon tree

Crete: More plants and stones and animals

As I pointed out in my previous post about Crete: “I was stunned by the beauty of our surroundings. (…) Everything was green, there were flowers everywhere and fruits shining bright between the leaves.” Here’s more on that.

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Wild cactus

Crete: Details

Early June we went to Crete. At first we didn’t look for a specific location, because, more importantly, we were looking for things like a) a nice climate for that time of year, b) a remote, but not isolated place that is c) family friendly. And so we went on a holiday in the south of the Greek island. Arriving just […]

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Couple fishing

NYC: More Coney Island

Have you seen my previous post on Coney Island? I built this series around the graphic shapes and bright colors of the funfair. But there was much more to see when we visited Coney Island on a bright summer day. Even though the luna park was closed, there was a lot of daily life at the ocean. Walking the […]

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Front yard

NYC: The City

  I selected my favourite photos for you that I took while wandering through The City.

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Coffee and cake

Berlin: Saturday

I look forward to the weekends like never before. We slow down and enjoy every moment we can spend together as a family. And I bring his camera. One of those moments is a Saturday at Five Elephant. I have to admit, I keep falling in and out of love with this place. However, when you catch one of […]

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Wonder wheel and american flag

NYC: Coney Island

And we’re off! I’ve been very much looking forward to share a selection of my NYC photos with you. I scanned a lot of film over the last weeks and that gave me some time to think about how to put them together. I already shared one photo with you of Coney Island, so let’s stick with that for […]

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The original f society building

A homage to fsociety

Because I’m a Mr. Robot fan. Coney Islands’ Eldorado Bumpers & Cars – Arcade is hosting the exterior shots of the now famous fsociety, at the back of their building. Or to put it differently: This is the back entrance of fsociety.

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Hello again, it’s been too long

I’m happy to see you’re here. I’m happy to finally be pursuing a great interest of mine that is slumbering in me since I was a little kid. I’m happy to be back in this place, blogging. I hope you’ll enjoy what I’ll be sharing with you and I’d love to hear from you.

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